Our micro-export, which started with watermelon seeds in 2015, has positive impact on the current account deficit of Türkiye today.

Atasagun ATS, which was founded in Konya on 09/05/2019, expanded its product portfolio with ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate (UAN32), ammonium bicarbonate, nitrogen 46 (urea), caustic soda, and AD BLUE. Therefore, it has become a say especially in production, import, and export of numerous chemical raw materials.

When considered the last two years, with our expert team at import/export department, Atasagun ATS has grown 6000% in terms of turnover and profitability and has become one of the giants of the sector.



Since 2015, we have been trying to offer the best products at the cheapest price.

The main products that Atasagun ATS supplied and their usage areas:

  • Ammonium sulphate
  • Ammonium nitrate (Uan32)
  • Nitrogen 46 (urea)
  • Ammonium bicarbonate
  • Caustic soda

Why Choose Us?

Quality Product, Reasonable Price, Customer Satisfaction

Our products

    To be an active organization by continuing to work on the development and production of new generation organomineral fertilizers in order to obtain high quality and high yield from arable land.


    To create strong values by producing fertilizers that will increase the productivity of our soils day by day, delivering a livable nature and healthy nutrients to generations, for now and for the future.


    In our factory, the infrastructure of the Fertilizer Tracking System has been completed and product shipments are made with barcodes.

Our Understanding of Business

Working Principles

To create innovative products and brands that are internationally accepted as a strong brand and value created by our country with our expert staff.


As in every job we do, in the sector we work, our company offers permanent solutions with "ecological balance" friendly products without damaging the environment and human health.


Our dynamic team blends its work with high skills based on international quality standards in all products and services. Thus, the ideal production, distribution and service processes are met.


For us, marketing means making friends beyond finding customers and maintaining this friendship for generations. Our team deliver all our products to our customers in the right time, without any problems.