Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium sulphate, also known as sugar fertilizer, contributes to the intake of phosphorus in the soil, thanks to the nitrogen in the ammonium form in fertilizer type. Ammonium sulphate is used to recover the nitrogen and sulphur needs of the soil. Ammonium sulphate fertilizer contains %21N and 27%S. Some of the necessary amount of the ammonium sulphate fertilizer is usually used during planting. In this way, the plant grows faster. The rest of the required amount should be given during the development process due to the possibility of transformation of the fertilizer into gas.

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It is a nitrogen source in the form of ammonium. It is a valuable nutrient source for soils where nitrogen element deficiency is detected. Nitrogen fertilizers containing nitrate in water-saturated areas are lost by denitrification (conversion from NO3 to free N2). Due to these limitations of nitrate fertilizers, ammonium sulfate can be used in all types of soil.

Our Product Benefits

  • It ensures root formation, development and growth of the plant,
  • It accelerates the ripening of plants.
  • It improves the quality of the crop.
  • It prevents grain loss and increases the yield.
  • Grains become ripe.