Ammonium Nitrate (UAN32)

The content of ammonium nitrate contains 33% nitrogen, 16.5% ammonium nitrogen and 16.5% nitrate nitrogen. Thanks to 33% nitrogen of its content and its rapid dissolution in the soil, Ammonium nitrate has a rapid duration of effect.

There is no pH change in the soil after ammonium nitrate application. Since it is a neutral type fertilizer, it can be used easily in any type of soil.

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer can be used safely in places where drip irrigation systems are available thanks to its rapid and residual soluble structure in water. In addition, except paddy, it can be used easily in all kinds of agricultural products.

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It is the fertilizer that has the highest nitrogen rate (32%). High nitrogen composition; It has been formulated with the combination of nitrate, ammonia and urea forms. With this feature, it provides a fast and effective fertilization without causing drying or burning in the plant. It is an ideal nutrient source for situations where nitrogen in the soil is insufficient or even if it is sufficient, due to various adverse conditions (insufficient humidity and precipitation, extreme hot or cold climate conditions) the plants cannot make use of this nitrogen sufficiently. In addition, it is especially recommended for plants (corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, paddy etc.) that need a high amount of nitrogen. UAN applied from leaves or drip irrigation shows its effect in a short time and strengthens the vegetative part by activating the plant. Increases plant height, branch, leaf and shoot activities. It prevents stunted and undersized development. It encourages grains and fruits to be large and plump.

Our Product Benefits

  • It ensures root formation, development and growth of the plant,
  • It accelerates the ripening of plants.
  • It improves the quality of the crop.
  • It prevents grain loss and increases the yield.
  • Grains become ripe.