Ad Blue

AD Blue is a synthetic substance that provides reduction of harmful gases released to the atmosphere from diesel fuel vehicles. Ad blue is used in all vehicles produced with diesel fuel and SRC technology. These vehicles include agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, minibuses, vans and passenger vehicles.

Today, although the automotive sector is directed to environmentally friendly hybrid and electric vehicles, fossil fuels are in use in most of the existing vehicles. This situation, which constantly causes toxic gas release, leads to great destruction in the ecosystem. When the number of vehicles increasing every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with environmental pollution.

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What is AdBlue used for?

AdBlue liquid, in short, helps to reduce waste gas emissions in diesel vehicles. In this way, diesel vehicles are expected to meet Euro 6 Emission Standards. In order to fully understand what this liquid, which consists of a solution of urea and pure water, does, it is necessary to take a brief look at its adventure in the car.

How Adblue works?

Adblue, used to reduce the emission values of diesel engine vehicles, consists of 32.5% of purified urea and 67.5% of pure water. This emission liquid, which is used in vehicles with a selective catalytic reduction system, that is, the SCR system, ensures the reduction of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas. The liquid sprayed on the high temperature exhaust gas coming out of the diesel engine turns into ammonia with the effect of the heat and reacts with the nitrogen oxide formed as a result of diesel combustion. Thus, the disintegrated waste gas becomes harmless nitrogen and water vapor.